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Board By-laws, Policies and Procedures are developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of Moosonee District School Area Board.

The Board Policy Manual provides a clear defining role of the Board, the supervisory officer, and the delegation of authority from the Board to the supervisory officer. It provides the foundational statements for guidance, direction and expectations for all activities within Moosonee District School Area Board.

Board Policy Manual – Index

Procedural by-laws are the rules governing the Board as provided for in the Education Act of Ontario and regulations made under the Act. These rules apply to the structure and proceedings of the Board.

Procedural By-Laws (By-Laws 1-17)

The Administrative Procedures Manual is a supplemental set of procedures by which the supervisory officer directs the staff. Administrative procedures are entirely consistent with Board policies.

The development of two separate and distinct documents is meant to reinforce the distinction in Moosonee District School Area Board between the Board’s responsibility to govern and the supervisory officer’s executive or administrative duties.

Administrative Procedural Manual – Index 

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