About Us


We work together as a community to create a safe and accepting learning environment that promotes achievement and well-being.


We believe that every student is entitled to services and supports that will enable them to navigate pathways to success in an evolving world. Learn more about what’s going on inside our school.

Council of Ontario Directors of Education Statement on Supporting Students and Gender Expression:


For school events and school, check out MDASB’s Moosonee Public School’s website at http://moosoneepublic.ca/.
You’ll find current activities and school-specific information you might need.


If you would like to get in touch with one of our trustees, please feel free to contact them by calling (705)336-2300.

Chairperson: Kelly Reuben

Vice-Chairperson: Donna Glenesk

Trustee: Lynne Innes

Trustee: Tanis Ross

Trustee: Charlene Reuben

Information about being a school board trustee:

Good Governance: A Guide for Trustees, School Boards, Directors of Education and Communities: https://www.opsba.org/events-and-publications/opsba-s-guide-to-good-governance-2018-2022/